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Intra-Frame Error Concealment Scheme using 3D Reversible Data Hiding in Mobile Cloud Environment

by   Yanli Chen, et al.
NetEase, Inc

Data in mobile cloud environment are mainly transmitted via wireless noisy channels, which may result in transmission errors with a high probability due to its unreliable connectivity. For video transmission, unreliable connectivity may cause significant degradation of the content. Improving or keeping video quality over lossy channel is therefore a very important research topic. Error concealment with data hiding (ECDH) is an effective way to conceal the errors introduced by channels. It can reduce error propagation between neighbor blocks/frames comparing with the methods exploiting temporal/spatial correlations. The existing video ECDH methods often embed the motion vectors (MVs) into the specific locations. Nevertheless, specific embedding locations cannot resist against random errors. To compensate the unreliable connectivity in mobile cloud environment, in this paper, we present a video ECDH scheme using 3D reversible data hiding (RDH), in which each MV is repeated multiple times, and the repeated MVs are embedded into different macroblocks (MBs) randomly. Though the multiple embedding requires more embedding space, satisfactory trade-off between the introduced distortion and the reconstructed video quality can be achieved by tuning the repeating times of the MVs. For random embedding, the lost probability of the MVs decreases rapidly, resulting in better error concealment performance. Experimental results show that the PSNR values gain about 5dB at least comparing with the existing ECDH methods. Meanwhile, the proposed method improves the video quality significantly.


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