Intersection Type Distributors

by   Federico Olimpieri, et al.

Building on previous works, we present a general method to define proof relevant intersection types semantics for pure lambda calculus. We argue that the bicategory of distributors is an appropriate categorical framework for this kind of semantics. We first introduce a class of 2-monads whose algebras are monoidal categories modelling resource management, following Marsden-Zwardt's approach. We show how these monadic constructions determine Kleisli bicategories over the bicategory of distributors and we give a sufficient condition for cartesian closedness. We define a family of non-extentional models for pure lambda calculus. We then prove that the interpretation of lambda terms induced by these models can be concretely described via intersection type systems. The intersection constructor corresponds to the particular tensor product given by the considered free monadic construction. We conclude by describing two particular examples of these distributor-induced intersection type systems, proving that they characterise head-normalization.



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