Internet of Things Protection and Encryption: A Survey

by   Ghassan Samara, et al.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has enabled a wide range of sectors to interact effectively with their consumers in order to deliver seamless services and products. Despite the widespread availability of (IoT) devices and their Internet connectivity, they have a low level of information security integrity. A number of security methods were proposed and evaluated in our research, and comparisons were made in terms of energy and time in the encryption and decryption processes. A ratification procedure is also performed on the devices in the main manager, which is regarded as a full firewall for IoT devices. The suggested algorithm's success has been shown utilizing low-cost Adriano Uno and Raspberry Pi devices. Arduous Uno has been used to demonstrate the encryption process in low-energy devices using a variety of algorithms, including Enhanced Algorithm for Data Integrity and Authentication (EDAI) and raspberry, which serves as a safety manager in low-energy device molecules. A variety of enhanced algorithms used in conjunction with Blockchain software have also assured the security and integrity of the information. These findings and discussions are presented at the conclusion of the paper.




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