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Internet of Things: Infrastructure, Architecture, Security and Privacy

by   Zainab Alansari, et al.

Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the emerging technologies of this century and its various aspects, such as the Infrastructure, Security, Architecture and Privacy, play an important role in shaping the future of the digitalised world. Internet of Things devices are connected through sensors which have significant impacts on the data and its security. In this research, we used IoT five layered architecture of the Internet of Things to address the security and private issues of IoT enabled services and applications. Furthermore, a detailed survey on Internet of Things infrastructure, architecture, security, and privacy of the heterogeneous objects were presented. The paper identifies the major challenge in the field of IoT; one of them is to secure the data while accessing the objects through sensing machines. This research advocates the importance of securing the IoT ecosystem at each layer resulting in an enhanced overall security of the connected devices as well as the data generated. Thus, this paper put forwards a security model to be utilised by the researchers, manufacturers and developers of IoT devices, applications and services.


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