Internet of things-based (IoT) inventory monitoring refrigerator using arduino sensor network

by   Jessica Velasco, et al.

This study presents a system that combines a conventional refrigerator, microcontrollers and a smart phone to create an inventory monitoring that can monitor the stocks inside the refrigerator wirelessly by accessing an Android application. The developed refrigerator uses a sensor network system that is installed in a respective compartment inside the refrigerator. Each sensor will transmit data to the microcontrollers, such as Arduino Yun and Arduino Uno, which are interconnected by the I2C communications. All data and images will be processed to provide the user an Internet of Things application through the cloud-based website Temboo. Temboo will have access to send data to the Dropbox. A smartphone is connected to the Dropbox where all the data and images are stored. The user can monitor the stocks or contents of the refrigerator wirelessly using an Android Application.



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