Internet of Things: A Secure Cloud-Based MANET Mobility Model

by   Tanweer Alam, et al.

Connected devices such as Smart Home Automation Gateway, Smart Air Conditioners, Smart Hubs, Smart Thermostat, Color Changing Smart Lights, Smart Mobile phones, Smart Watches and Smart Tablets, etc. are omnipresent in our everyday lives and are becoming a valuable tool with wireless networking features using different wireless protocols commonly used. Access points allow interactions between users within an Internet of Things ecosystem infrastructure. These smart devices are automatically connected, and a network is formed by themselves. However, there are many challenges throughout this established network of its own for secure communication. Security has been perceived as a popular barrier to adopting the cloud model of internet realism. The storage and resource management may be in the cloud environment is a distributed structure that places the world in a raised situation with many concerns over its weaknesses, security risks and difficulties. Different participation parties have broadened those issues depending on the viewpoint and goal of each party. The author primarily addresses the causes of challenges and difficulties related to security, reliability, privacy and availability of services from the Cloud point of view. Connectivity Security has been identified as one of cloud computing's most critical issues where resolving such an issue would result in constant growth in the use and popularity of cloud computation. The purpose of this study is to build a mobile ad hoc network mobility model framework using cloud computing to provide secure Internet of Things communication between smart devices. The major contribution relates a new methodology to ensure secure communication with the 5G network of smart devices using the internet. The approach uses a desired study's accurate and effective simulation and can be applied in an Internet of Things structure. This research would create a new connectivity architecture to address the problem of secure communication between smart devices in 5G networking.



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