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Internet of Robotic Things: Current Technologies and Applications

by   Ghassan Samara, et al.

The Internet of Robotic Things (IoRT) is a new domain that aims to link the IoT environment with robotic systems and technologies. IoRT connects robotic systems, connects them to the cloud, and transfers critical information as well as knowledge exchange to conduct complicated and intricate activities that a human cannot readily perform. The pertinent notion of IoRT has been discussed in this paper, along with the issues that this area faces on a daily basis. Furthermore, technological applications have been examined in order to provide a better understanding of IoRT and its current development phenomenon. The study describes three layers of IoRT infrastructure: network and control, physical, and service and application layer. In the next section, IoRT problems have been presented, with a focus on data processing and the security and safety of IoRT technological systems. In addition to discussing the difficulties, appropriate solutions have been offered and recommended. IoRT is regarded as an essential technology with the ability to bring about a plethora of benefits in smart society upon adoption, contributing to the generation and development of smart cities and industries in the near future.


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