InterBERT: Vision-and-Language Interaction for Multi-modal Pretraining

03/30/2020 ∙ by Junyang Lin, et al. ∙ 0

Multi-modal pretraining for learning high-level multi-modal representation is a further step towards deep learning and artificial intelligence. In this work, we propose a novel model, namely InterBERT (BERT for Interaction), which owns strong capability of modeling interaction between the information flows of different modalities. The single-stream interaction module is capable of effectively processing information of multiple modalilties, and the two-stream module on top preserves the independence of each modality to avoid performance downgrade in single-modal tasks. We pretrain the model with three pretraining tasks, including masked segment modeling (MSM), masked region modeling (MRM) and image-text matching (ITM); and finetune the model on a series of vision-and-language downstream tasks. Experimental results demonstrate that InterBERT outperforms a series of strong baselines, including the most recent multi-modal pretraining methods, and the analysis shows that MSM and MRM are effective for pretraining and our method can achieve performances comparable to BERT in single-modal tasks. Besides, we propose a large-scale dataset for multi-modal pretraining in Chinese, and we develop the Chinese InterBERT which is the first Chinese multi-modal pretrained model. We pretrain the Chinese InterBERT on our proposed dataset of 3.1M image-text pairs from the mobile Taobao, the largest Chinese e-commerce platform. We finetune the model for text-based image retrieval, and recently we deployed the model online for topic-based recommendation.



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