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Inter-frame Accelerate Attack against Video Interpolation Models

by   Junpei Liao, et al.
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen
NetEase, Inc

Deep learning based video frame interpolation (VIF) method, aiming to synthesis the intermediate frames to enhance video quality, have been highly developed in the past few years. This paper investigates the adversarial robustness of VIF models. We apply adversarial attacks to VIF models and find that the VIF models are very vulnerable to adversarial examples. To improve attack efficiency, we suggest to make full use of the property of video frame interpolation task. The intuition is that the gap between adjacent frames would be small, leading to the corresponding adversarial perturbations being similar as well. Then we propose a novel attack method named Inter-frame Accelerate Attack (IAA) that initializes the perturbation as the perturbation for the previous adjacent frame and reduces the number of attack iterations. It is shown that our method can improve attack efficiency greatly while achieving comparable attack performance with traditional methods. Besides, we also extend our method to video recognition models which are higher level vision tasks and achieves great attack efficiency.


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