Intelligent Reflecting Surface Assisted Secure Wireless Communications with Multiple-Transmit and Multiple-Receive Antennas

by   Weiheng Jiang, et al.

In this paper, we propose intelligent reflecting surfaces (IRS) assisted secure wireless communications with multi-input and multi-output antennas (IRS-MIMOME). The considered scenario is an access point (AP) equipped with multiple antennas communicates with a multi-antenna enabled legitimate user in the downlink at the present of an eavesdropper configured with multiple antennas. Particularly, the joint optimization of the transmit covariance matrix at the AP and the reflecting coefficients at the IRS to maximize the secrecy rate for the IRS-MIMOME system is investigated, with two different assumptions on the phase shifting capabilities at the IRS, i.e., the IRS has the continuous reflecting coefficients and the IRS has the discrete reflecting coefficients. For the former case, due to the non-convexity of the formulated problem, an alternating optimization (AO)-based algorithm is proposed, i.e., for given the reflecting coefficients at the IRS, the successive convex approximation (SCA)-based algorithm is used to solve the transmit covariance matrix optimization, while given the transmit covariance matrix at the AP, alternative optimization is used again in individually optimizing of each reflecting coefficient at the IRS with other fixed reflecting coefficients. For the individual reflecting coefficient optimization, the close-form or an interval of the optimal solution is provided. Then, the proposed algorithm is extended to the discrete reflecting coefficient model at the IRS. Finally, some numerical simulations have been done to demonstrate that the proposed algorithm outperforms other benchmark schemes.


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