Intelligence at the Extreme Edge: A Survey on Reformable TinyML

by   Visal Rajapakse, et al.

The rapid miniaturization of Machine Learning (ML) for low powered processing has opened gateways to provide cognition at the extreme edge (E.g., sensors and actuators). Dubbed Tiny Machine Learning (TinyML), this upsurging research field proposes to democratize the use of Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) on frugal Microcontroller Units (MCUs). MCUs are highly energy-efficient pervasive devices capable of operating with less than a few Milliwatts of power. Nevertheless, many solutions assume that TinyML can only run inference. Despite this, growing interest in TinyML has led to work that makes them reformable, i.e., work that permits TinyML to improve once deployed. In line with this, roadblocks in MCU based solutions in general, such as reduced physical access and long deployment periods of MCUs, deem reformable TinyML to play a significant part in more effective solutions. In this work, we present a survey on reformable TinyML solutions with the proposal of a novel taxonomy for ease of separation. Here, we also discuss the suitability of each hierarchical layer in the taxonomy for allowing reformability. In addition to these, we explore the workflow of TinyML and analyze the identified deployment schemes and the scarcely available benchmarking tools. Furthermore, we discuss how reformable TinyML can impact a few selected industrial areas and discuss the challenges and future directions.


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