Integrative Use of Computer Vision and Unmanned Aircraft Technologies in Public Inspection: Foreign Object Debris Image Collection

by   Travis J. E. Munyer, et al.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) have become an important resource for public service providers and smart cities. The purpose of this study is to expand this research area by integrating computer vision and UAS technology to automate public inspection. As an initial case study for this work, a dataset of common foreign object debris (FOD) is developed to assess the potential of light-weight automated detection. This paper presents the rationale and creation of this dataset. Future iterations of our work will include further technical details analyzing experimental implementation. At a local airport, UAS and portable cameras are used to collect the data contained in the initial version of this dataset. After collecting these videos of FOD, they were split into individual frames and stored as several thousand images. These frames are then annotated following standard computer vision format and stored in a folder-structure that reflects our creation method. The dataset annotations are validated using a custom tool that could be abstracted to fit future applications. Initial detection models were successfully created using the famous You Only Look Once algorithm, which indicates the practicality of the proposed data. Finally, several potential scenarios that could utilize either this dataset or similar methods for other public service are presented.



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