Integration of Quantum Accelerators with High Performance Computing – A Review of Quantum Programming Tools

by   Amr Elsharkawy, et al.

Quantum computing (QC) introduces a novel mode of computation with the possibility of greater computational power that remains to be exploited - presenting exciting opportunities for high performance computing (HPC) applications. However, recent advancements in the field have made clear that QC does not supplant conventional HPC, but can rather be incorporated into current heterogeneous HPC infrastructures as an additional accelerator, thereby enabling the optimal utilization of both paradigms. The desire for such integration significantly affects the development of software for quantum computers, which in turn influences the necessary software infrastructure. To date, previous review papers have investigated various quantum programming tools (QPTs) (such as languages, libraries, frameworks) in their ability to program, compile, and execute quantum circuits. However, the integration effort with classical HPC frameworks or systems has not been addressed. This study aims to characterize existing QPTs from an HPC perspective, investigating if existing QPTs have the potential to be efficiently integrated with classical computing models and determining where work is still required. This work structures a set of criteria into an analysis blueprint that enables HPC scientists to assess whether a QPT is suitable for the quantum-accelerated classical application at hand.


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