Integrated Visualization of Patient Data

by   Dmitri Presnov, et al.

The efficient and timely access to patient data is essential for successful patient treatment in clinical wards. Even though, most of the patient data is stored electronically, e.g. in the electronic health record (EHR), relevant patient information is frequently captured, processed and passed in non-electronic form in day-to-day ward routines, e.g. during ward rounds or at shift handover. Following a disruptive design mode, we present a design and development approach comprising a fundamental visualization concept that is refined in a feedback-loop between computer scientists, sociologists and physicians in order to support peri-operative collaborative workflows on a neurosurgical hospital ward. The resulting prototype realizes on-patient visualization methods using an anatomical avatar. It allows for the visual access of medical data with spatial reference relevant for spinal disc herniation and it handles various quantitative and qualitative medical data related to the same anatomical structure as well as referring to hidden and/or small anatomical structures with limited detectability. Furthermore, temporal changes of medical data are made accessible.



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