Integrated RF/Optical Wireless Networks for Improving QoS in Indoor and Transportation Applications

by   Mostafa Zaman Chowdhury, et al.

Communications based solely on radio frequency (RF) networks cannot provide adequate quality of service for the rapidly growing demands of wireless connectivity. Since devices operating in the optical spectrum do not interfere with those using the RF spectrum, wireless networks based on the optical spectrum can be added to existing RF networks to fulfill this demand. Hence, optical wireless communication (OWC) technology can be an excellent complement to RF-based technology to provide improved service. Promising OWC systems include light fidelity (LiFi), visible light communication, optical camera communication (OCC), and free-space optical communication (FSOC). OWC and RF systems have differing limitations, and the integration of RF and optical wireless networks can overcome the limitations of both systems. This paper describes an LiFi/femtocell hybrid network system for indoor environments. Low signal-to-interference-plus-noise ratios and the shortage bandwidth problems of existing RF femtocell networks can be overcome with the proposed hybrid model. Moreover, we describe an integrated RF/optical wireless system that can be employed for users inside a vehicle, remote monitoring of ambulance patients, vehicle tracking, and vehicle-to-vehicle communications. We consider LiFi, OCC, and FSOC as the optical wireless technologies to be used for communication support in transportation, and assume macrocells, femtocells, and wireless fidelity to be the corresponding RF technologies. We describe handover management-including detailed call flow, interference management, link reliability improvement, and group handover provisioning-for integrated networks. Performance analyses demonstrate the significance of the proposed integrated RF/optical wireless systems.


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