Innovative System Design for Remote Air Traffic Control Simulation Training on and beyond COVID19

by   Man Liang, et al.

Remote ATC simulation training is an emerging technology in aviation education during COVID. Professional training institutions can learn from others, whereas the experiences of developing remote ATC simulation teaching/training with the Start-up company ByteProTeq will be beneficial for the rest of the world to understand the differences and similarities of current remote training and to improve their performance in building a safe and efficient remote training environment. In this paper, we will present three improvements to our remote ATC training: 1) infrastructure upgrading of hardware and software from an existing stand-alone system to a remote network that considers costs, cyber security, system compatibility, et cetera; 2) quality of remote ATC simulation training, compared with traditional face-to-face training, including students and instructors feedback; 3) enhancement of the current remote training system beyond COVID-19 regarding reliability, cyber security, and capacity. This foundation paper will support understanding of the current stage of remote ATC simulation training development with the Start-up company ByteProTeq, during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, thereby providing an excellent example for the rest of the world.



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