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Inharmonious Region Localization

by   Jing Liang, et al.
Shanghai Jiao Tong University

The advance of image editing techniques allows users to create artistic works, but the manipulated regions may be incompatible with the background. Localizing the inharmonious region is an appealing yet challenging task. Realizing that this task requires effective aggregation of multi-scale contextual information and suppression of redundant information, we design novel Bi-directional Feature Integration (BFI) block and Global-context Guided Decoder (GGD) block to fuse multi-scale features in the encoder and decoder respectively. We also employ Mask-guided Dual Attention (MDA) block between the encoder and decoder to suppress the redundant information. Experiments on the image harmonization dataset demonstrate that our method achieves competitive performance for inharmonious region localization. The source code is available at


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