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Information transmission bounds between moving terminals

by   Omar James Faqir, et al.
Imperial College London

In networks of mobile autonomous agents, e.g. for data acquisition, we may wish to maximize data transfer or to reliably transfer a minimum amount of data, subject to quality of service or energy constraints. These requirements can be guaranteed through both offline node design/specifications and online trajectory/communications design. Regardless of the distance between them, for a stationary point-to-point transmitter-receiver pair communicating across a single link under average power constraints, the total data transfer is unbounded as time tends to infinity. In contrast, we show that if the transmitter/receiver is moving at any constant speed away from each other, then the maximum transmittable data is bounded. Although general closed-form expressions as a function of communication and mobility profile parameters do not yet exist, we provide closed-form expressions for particular cases, such as ideal free space path loss. Under more general scenarios we instead give lower bounds on the total transmittable information across a single link between mobile nodes.


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