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Information Technology Utilization in Environmentally Friendly Higher Education

by   Leon Andretti Abdillah, et al.

The awareness of an environmentally friendly learning process has been of concern lately. IT offers some applications that are able to provide better green education environment in higher education sectors. This research involves top social information technology applications, DropBox and WordPress. DropBox is the most popular cloud storage in the world. Meanwhile, WordPress is top content management systems at the moment. This research employs the utilization of those two applications in students assignments and presentation medium. The study observed 150 sophomore students in computer science faculty. The results show that, involving DropBox and WordPress in higher education learning activities able to significantly reduce paper and ink usage. The combination of those two top applications create a very handy and comfortable environment for students in higer education. This strategy reduce the consumption of papers and inks and are accepted well by most of the students.


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