Information technology and integrated tools for support of smart systems research design

by   Oleksandr Palagin, et al.

The methodological foundations of the construction of information technology, formalized models and tools for the implementation of the research-related design of smart systems based on the use of the concepts of transdisciplinarity and ontological management are considered. Designed to build systems of work with knowledge, scientific and technical creativity, including the development of objects of new technology. Designed to build systems of work with knowledge, scientific and technical creativity, including the development of objects of new technology. Results. The information technology of research-related design of smart systems is developed. An example of the creation and patenting of a linguistic processor for processing large amounts of text data with the purpose of subsequent extraction of knowledge is considered. Conclusion. The methodological foundations of the development of scientific research design systems include models, technology, and tools for cognitive processes of information processing, including the design of the new engineering objects, the automated development of ontological knowledge bases of the knowledge domain. The last ones are the basic components of intelligent technologies and systems for comprehensive scientific research of the interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary nature. The process of system integration of ontologies makes it possible to investigate the interaction of object knowledge, as an object at the intersection of disciplines, as well as in clusters of convergence, which opens opportunities for new knowledge and for the development of scientific theories. Keywords: research design, smart system, ontological management, ontology.



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