Information Integration using the Typed Graph Model

by   Fritz Laux, et al.
University of the West of Scotland

Schema and data integration have been a challenge for more than 40 years. While data warehouse technologies are quite a success story, there is still a lack of information integration methods, especially if the data sources are based on different data models or do not have a schema. Enterprise Information Integration has to deal with heterogeneous data sources and requires up-to-date high-quality information to provide a reliable basis for analysis and decision making. The paper proposes virtual integration using the Typed Graph Model to support schema mediation. The integration process first converts the structure of each source into a typed graph schema, which is then matched to the mediated schema. Mapping rules define transformations between the schemata to reconcile semantics. The mapping can be visually validated by experts. It provides indicators and rules to achieve a consistent schema mapping, which leads to high data integrity and quality.


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