Inferring Temporal Logic Properties from Data using Boosted Decision Trees

by   Erfan Aasi, et al.

Many autonomous systems, such as robots and self-driving cars, involve real-time decision making in complex environments, and require prediction of future outcomes from limited data. Moreover, their decisions are increasingly required to be interpretable to humans for safe and trustworthy co-existence. This paper is a first step towards interpretable learning-based robot control. We introduce a novel learning problem, called incremental formula and predictor learning, to generate binary classifiers with temporal logic structure from time-series data. The classifiers are represented as pairs of Signal Temporal Logic (STL) formulae and predictors for their satisfaction. The incremental property provides prediction of labels for prefix signals that are revealed over time. We propose a boosted decision-tree algorithm that leverages weak, but computationally inexpensive, learners to increase prediction and runtime performance. The effectiveness and classification accuracy of our algorithms are evaluated on autonomous-driving and naval surveillance case studies.



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