Inf-Sup-Constant-Free State Error Estimator for Model Order Reduction of Parametric Systems in Electromagnetics

by   Sridhar Chellappa, et al.

A reliable model order reduction process for parametric analysis in electromagnetics is detailed. Special emphasis is placed on certifying the accuracy of the reduced-order model. For this purpose, a sharp state error estimator is proposed. Standard a posteriori state error estimation for model order reduction relies on the inf-sup constant. For parametric systems, the inf-sup constant is parameter-dependent. The a posteriori error estimation for systems with very small or vanishing inf-sup constant poses a challenge, since it is inversely proportional to the inf-sup constant, resulting in rather useless, overly pessimistic error estimators. Such systems appear in electromagnetics since the inf-sup constant values are close to zero at points close to resonant frequencies, where they eventually vanish. We propose a novel a posteriori state error estimator which avoids the calculation of the inf-sup constant. The proposed state error estimator is compared with the standard error estimator and a recently proposed one in the literature. It is shown that our proposed error estimator outperforms both existing estimators. Numerical experiments are performed on real-life microwave devices such as narrowband and wideband antennas, as well as a dual-mode waveguide filter. These examples show the capabilities and efficiency of the proposed methodology.


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