IndoNLG: Benchmark and Resources for Evaluating Indonesian Natural Language Generation

by   Samuel Cahyawijaya, et al.

A benchmark provides an ecosystem to measure the advancement of models with standard datasets and automatic and human evaluation metrics. We introduce IndoNLG, the first such benchmark for the Indonesian language for natural language generation (NLG). It covers six tasks: summarization, question answering, open chitchat, as well as three different language-pairs of machine translation tasks. We provide a vast and clean pre-training corpus of Indonesian, Sundanese, and Javanese datasets called Indo4B-Plus, which is used to train our pre-trained NLG model, IndoBART. We evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of IndoBART by conducting extensive evaluation on all IndoNLG tasks. Our findings show that IndoBART achieves competitive performance on Indonesian tasks with five times fewer parameters compared to the largest multilingual model in our benchmark, mBART-LARGE (Liu et al., 2020), and an almost 4x and 2.5x faster inference time on the CPU and GPU respectively. We additionally demonstrate the ability of IndoBART to learn Javanese and Sundanese, and it achieves decent performance on machine translation tasks.


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