In Private, Secure, Conversational FinBots We Trust

by   Magdalene Ng, et al.

In the past decade, the financial industry has experienced a technology revolution. While we witness a rapid introduction of conversational bots for financial services, there is a lack of understanding of conversational user interfaces (CUI) features in this domain. The finance industry also deals with highly sensitive information and monetary transactions, presenting a challenge for developers and financial providers. Through a study on how to design text-based conversational financial interfaces with N=410 participants, we outline user requirements of trustworthy CUI design for financial bots. We posit that, in the context of Finance, bot privacy and security assurances outweigh conversational capability and postulate implications of these findings. This work acts as a resource on how to design trustworthy FinBots and demonstrates how automated financial advisors can be transformed into trusted everyday devices, capable of supporting users' daily financial activities.


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