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Improving the Exploration of Deep Reinforcement Learning in Continuous Domains using Planning for Policy Search

by   Jakob J. Hollenstein, et al.

Local policy search is performed by most Deep Reinforcement Learning (D-RL) methods, which increases the risk of getting trapped in a local minimum. Furthermore, the availability of a simulation model is not fully exploited in D-RL even in simulation-based training, which potentially decreases efficiency. To better exploit simulation models in policy search, we propose to integrate a kinodynamic planner in the exploration strategy and to learn a control policy in an offline fashion from the generated environment interactions. We call the resulting model-based reinforcement learning method PPS (Planning for Policy Search). We compare PPS with state-of-the-art D-RL methods in typical RL settings including underactuated systems. The comparison shows that PPS, guided by the kinodynamic planner, collects data from a wider region of the state space. This generates training data that helps PPS discover better policies.


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