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Improving Text Auto-Completion with Next Phrase Prediction

by   Dong-Ho Lee, et al.
University of Southern California
Singapore University of Technology and Design

Language models such as GPT-2 have performed well on constructing syntactically sound sentences for text auto-completion task. However, such models often require considerable training effort to adapt to specific writing domains (e.g., medical). In this paper, we propose an intermediate training strategy to enhance pre-trained language models' performance in the text auto-completion task and fastly adapt them to specific domains. Our strategy includes a novel self-supervised training objective called Next Phrase Prediction (NPP), which encourages a language model to complete the partial query with enriched phrases and eventually improve the model's text auto-completion performance. Preliminary experiments have shown that our approach is able to outperform the baselines in auto-completion for email and academic writing domains.


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