Improving Inductive Link Prediction Using Hyper-Relational Facts

by   Mehdi Ali, et al.

For many years, link prediction on knowledge graphs (KGs) has been a purely transductive task, not allowing for reasoning on unseen entities. Recently, increasing efforts are put into exploring semi- and fully inductive scenarios, enabling inference over unseen and emerging entities. Still, all these approaches only consider triple-based kg, whereas their richer counterparts, hyper-relational KGs (e.g., Wikidata), have not yet been properly studied. In this work, we classify different inductive settings and study the benefits of employing hyper-relational KGs on a wide range of semi- and fully inductive link prediction tasks powered by recent advancements in graph neural networks. Our experiments on a novel set of benchmarks show that qualifiers over typed edges can lead to performance improvements of 6 (for the Hits@10 metric) compared to triple-only baselines. Our code is available at <>.



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