Improving Image co-segmentation via Deep Metric Learning

03/19/2021 ∙ by Zhengwen Li, et al. ∙ 0

Deep Metric Learning (DML) is helpful in computer vision tasks. In this paper, we firstly introduce DML into image co-segmentation. We propose a novel Triplet loss for Image Segmentation, called IS-Triplet loss for short, and combine it with traditional image segmentation loss. Different from the general DML task which learns the metric between pictures, we treat each pixel as a sample, and use their embedded features in high-dimensional space to form triples, then we tend to force the distance between pixels of different categories greater than of the same category by optimizing IS-Triplet loss so that the pixels from different categories are easier to be distinguished in the high-dimensional feature space. We further present an efficient triple sampling strategy to make a feasible computation of IS-Triplet loss. Finally, the IS-Triplet loss is combined with 3 traditional image segmentation losses to perform image segmentation. We apply the proposed approach to image co-segmentation and test it on the SBCoseg dataset and the Internet dataset. The experimental result shows that our approach can effectively improve the discrimination of pixels' categories in high-dimensional space and thus help traditional loss achieve better performance of image segmentation with fewer training epochs.



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