Improving Image Captioning by Leveraging Intra- and Inter-layer Global Representation in Transformer Network

12/13/2020 ∙ by Jiayi Ji, et al. ∙ 0

Transformer-based architectures have shown great success in image captioning, where object regions are encoded and then attended into the vectorial representations to guide the caption decoding. However, such vectorial representations only contain region-level information without considering the global information reflecting the entire image, which fails to expand the capability of complex multi-modal reasoning in image captioning. In this paper, we introduce a Global Enhanced Transformer (termed GET) to enable the extraction of a more comprehensive global representation, and then adaptively guide the decoder to generate high-quality captions. In GET, a Global Enhanced Encoder is designed for the embedding of the global feature, and a Global Adaptive Decoder are designed for the guidance of the caption generation. The former models intra- and inter-layer global representation by taking advantage of the proposed Global Enhanced Attention and a layer-wise fusion module. The latter contains a Global Adaptive Controller that can adaptively fuse the global information into the decoder to guide the caption generation. Extensive experiments on MS COCO dataset demonstrate the superiority of our GET over many state-of-the-arts.



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