Improving content marketing processes with the approaches by artificial intelligence

04/07/2017 ∙ by Utku Kose, et al. ∙ 0

Content marketing is todays one of the most remarkable approaches in the context of marketing processes of companies. Value of this kind of marketing has improved in time, thanks to the latest developments regarding to computer and communication technologies. Nowadays, especially social media based platforms have a great importance on enabling companies to design multimedia oriented, interactive content. But on the other hand, there is still something more to do for improved content marketing approaches. In this context, objective of this study is to focus on intelligent content marketing, which can be done by using artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is todays one of the most remarkable research fields and it can be used easily as multidisciplinary. So, this study has aimed to discuss about its potential on improving content marketing. In detail, the study has enabled readers to improve their awareness about the intersection point of content marketing and artificial intelligence. Furthermore, the authors have introduced some example models of intelligent content marketing, which can be achieved by using current Web technologies and artificial intelligence techniques.



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