Improving circuit miniaturization and its efficiency using Rough Set Theory

by   Sarvesh SS Rawat, et al.

High-speed, accuracy, meticulousness and quick response are notion of the vital necessities for modern digital world. An efficient electronic circuit unswervingly affects the maneuver of the whole system. Different tools are required to unravel different types of engineering tribulations. Improving the efficiency, accuracy and low power consumption in an electronic circuit is always been a bottle neck problem. So the need of circuit miniaturization is always there. It saves a lot of time and power that is wasted in switching of gates, the wiring-crises is reduced, cross-sectional area of chip is reduced, the number of transistors that can implemented in chip is multiplied many folds. Therefore to trounce with this problem we have proposed an Artificial intelligence (AI) based approach that make use of Rough Set Theory for its implementation. Theory of rough set has been proposed by Z Pawlak in the year 1982. Rough set theory is a new mathematical tool which deals with uncertainty and vagueness. Decisions can be generated using rough set theory by reducing the unwanted and superfluous data. We have condensed the number of gates without upsetting the productivity of the given circuit. This paper proposes an approach with the help of rough set theory which basically lessens the number of gates in the circuit, based on decision rules.


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