Improvement of Normal Estimation for PointClouds via Simplifying Surface Fitting

04/21/2021 ∙ by Jun Zhou, et al. ∙ 5

With the burst development of neural networks in recent years, the task of normal estimation has once again become a concern. By introducing the neural networks to classic methods based on problem-specific knowledge, the adaptability of the normal estimation algorithm to noise and scale has been greatly improved. However, the compatibility between neural networks and the traditional methods has not been considered. Similar to the principle of Occam's razor, that is, the simpler is better. We observe that a more simplified process of surface fitting can significantly improve the accuracy of the normal estimation. In this paper, two simple-yet-effective strategies are proposed to address the compatibility between the neural networks and surface fitting process to improve normal estimation. Firstly, a dynamic top-k selection strategy is introduced to better focus on the most critical points of a given patch, and the points selected by our learning method tend to fit a surface by way of a simple tangent plane, which can dramatically improve the normal estimation results of patches with sharp corners or complex patterns. Then, we propose a point update strategy before local surface fitting, which smooths the sharp boundary of the patch to simplify the surface fitting process, significantly reducing the fitting distortion and improving the accuracy of the predicted point normal. The experiments analyze the effectiveness of our proposed strategies and demonstrate that our method achieves SOTA results with the advantage of higher estimation accuracy over most existed approaches.



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