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Improved Total Variation based Image Compressive Sensing Recovery by Nonlocal Regularization

by   Jian Zhang, et al.

Recently, total variation (TV) based minimization algorithms have achieved great success in compressive sensing (CS) recovery for natural images due to its virtue of preserving edges. However, the use of TV is not able to recover the fine details and textures, and often suffers from undesirable staircase artifact. To reduce these effects, this letter presents an improved TV based image CS recovery algorithm by introducing a new nonlocal regularization constraint into CS optimization problem. The nonlocal regularization is built on the well known nonlocal means (NLM) filtering and takes advantage of self-similarity in images, which helps to suppress the staircase effect and restore the fine details. Furthermore, an efficient augmented Lagrangian based algorithm is developed to solve the above combined TV and nonlocal regularization constrained problem. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed algorithm achieves significant performance improvements over the state-of-the-art TV based algorithm in both PSNR and visual perception.


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