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Improved Robustness of Vision Transformer via PreLayerNorm in Patch Embedding

by   Bum Jun Kim, et al.
POSTECH / 포항공과대학교

Vision transformers (ViTs) have recently demonstrated state-of-the-art performance in a variety of vision tasks, replacing convolutional neural networks (CNNs). Meanwhile, since ViT has a different architecture than CNN, it may behave differently. To investigate the reliability of ViT, this paper studies the behavior and robustness of ViT. We compared the robustness of CNN and ViT by assuming various image corruptions that may appear in practical vision tasks. We confirmed that for most image transformations, ViT showed robustness comparable to CNN or more improved. However, for contrast enhancement, severe performance degradations were consistently observed in ViT. From a detailed analysis, we identified a potential problem: positional embedding in ViT's patch embedding could work improperly when the color scale changes. Here we claim the use of PreLayerNorm, a modified patch embedding structure to ensure scale-invariant behavior of ViT. ViT with PreLayerNorm showed improved robustness in various corruptions including contrast-varying environments.


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