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Improved Drug-target Interaction Prediction with Intermolecular Graph Transformer

by   Siyuan Liu, et al.

The identification of active binding drugs for target proteins (termed as drug-target interaction prediction) is the key challenge in virtual screening, which plays an essential role in drug discovery. Although recent deep learning-based approaches achieved better performance than molecular docking, existing models often neglect certain aspects of the intermolecular information, hindering the performance of prediction. We recognize this problem and propose a novel approach named Intermolecular Graph Transformer (IGT) that employs a dedicated attention mechanism to model intermolecular information with a three-way Transformer-based architecture. IGT outperforms state-of-the-art approaches by 9.1 activity and binding pose prediction respectively, and shows superior generalization ability to unseen receptor proteins. Furthermore, IGT exhibits promising drug screening ability against SARS-CoV-2 by identifying 83.1 drugs that have been validated by wet-lab experiments with near-native predicted binding poses.


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