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Improved Actor Relation Graph based Group Activity Recognition

by   Zijian Kuang, et al.
University of Alberta

Video understanding is to recognize and classify different actions or activities appearing in the video. A lot of previous work, such as video captioning, has shown promising performance in producing general video understanding. However, it is still challenging to generate a fine-grained description of human actions and their interactions using state-of-the-art video captioning techniques. The detailed description of human actions and group activities is essential information, which can be used in real-time CCTV video surveillance, health care, sports video analysis, etc. This study proposes a video understanding method that mainly focused on group activity recognition by learning the pair-wise actor appearance similarity and actor positions. We propose to use Normalized cross-correlation (NCC) and the sum of absolute differences (SAD) to calculate the pair-wise appearance similarity and build the actor relationship graph to allow the graph convolution network to learn how to classify group activities. We also propose to use MobileNet as the backbone to extract features from each video frame. A visualization model is further introduced to visualize each input video frame with predicted bounding boxes on each human object and predict individual action and collective activity.


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