Imponderous Net for Facial Expression Recognition in the Wild

by   Darshan Gera, et al.

Since the renaissance of deep learning (DL), facial expression recognition (FER) has received a lot of interest, with continual improvement in the performance. Hand-in-hand with performance, new challenges have come up. Modern FER systems deal with face images captured under uncontrolled conditions (also called in-the-wild scenario) including occlusions and pose variations. They successfully handle such conditions using deep networks that come with various components like transfer learning, attention mechanism and local-global context extractor. However, these deep networks are highly complex with large number of parameters, making them unfit to be deployed in real scenarios. Is it possible to build a light-weight network that can still show significantly good performance on FER under in-the-wild scenario? In this work, we methodically build such a network and call it as Imponderous Net. We leverage on the aforementioned components of deep networks for FER, and analyse, carefully choose and fit them to arrive at Imponderous Net. Our Imponderous Net is a low calorie net with only 1.45M parameters, which is almost 50x less than that of a state-of-the-art (SOTA) architecture. Further, during inference, it can process at the real time rate of 40 frames per second (fps) in an intel-i7 cpu. Though it is low calorie, it is still power packed in its performance, overpowering other light-weight architectures and even few high capacity architectures. Specifically, Imponderous Net reports 87.09%, 88.17% and 62.06% accuracies on in-the-wild datasets RAFDB, FERPlus and AffectNet respectively. It also exhibits superior robustness under occlusions and pose variations in comparison to other light-weight architectures from the literature.


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