Implementing ECC on Data Link Layer of the OSI Reference Model

by   Donald Somiari Ene, et al.

The Internet, a rapidly expanding communication infrastructure, poses significant cybersecurity challenges. A few techniques have been developed to provide security in the OSI model's application, presentation, and network layers. Instead of using Media Access Control (MAC), this paper recommends using public key Elliptic Curve Cryptography to serve the Data Link Layer. On a microFourQ-MSP-IAR Embedded Workbench IDE-MSP430 7.12.4, a prototype of the architecture was implemented. When the cost of key generation was compared to the curve, it was shown that they are directly related. The cost of key generation time rises in proportion to the bit length of the curve. Because of the large number of connected devices that may be exposed due to a lack of effective security in the data link layer, significant concerns arise in terms of network privacy, governance, and security. As a result, this research suggests using a public key cryptosystem based on an elliptic curve to secure the data link layer for safe data communication in Internet-connected devices.



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