Implementing DMZ in Improving Network Security of Web Testing in STMIK AKBA

by   Akbar Iskandar, et al.

The aims of this research are to design and to implement network security system in internal web testing using DeMilitarized Zone Method and Microtic Router on Siakad server of STMIK AKBA. Data analysis techniques that possible to use is descriptive method. The significances of the study are 1) to avoid the attack of cracker who intend to access the system without permissions and 2) to improve network securityon web testing services on Siakad server of STMIK AKBA. The data are obtained by having literature review and observation. Literature review assists the researchers to collect the theory on DeMilitarised Zone Method and the previous studies which were used as comparison to the recent study. Obervation was carried out directly to the field to observe the running system. Based on the results and discussion, it is shown that the aplication of DeMilitarized Zone Method on microtic can secure the web testing on Siakad server of STMIK AKBA and can maintain the whole series of online services that are available in the server.



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