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Implementing a Wall-In Building Placement in StarCraft with Declarative Programming

by   Michal Čertický, et al.
Czech Technical University in Prague

In real-time strategy games like StarCraft, skilled players often block the entrance to their base with buildings to prevent the opponent's units from getting inside. This technique, called "walling-in", is a vital part of player's skill set, allowing him to survive early aggression. However, current artificial players (bots) do not possess this skill, due to numerous inconveniences surfacing during its implementation in imperative languages like C++ or Java. In this text, written as a guide for bot programmers, we address the problem of finding an appropriate building placement that would block the entrance to player's base, and present a ready to use declarative solution employing the paradigm of answer set programming (ASP). We also encourage the readers to experiment with different declarative approaches to this problem.


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