Implementation Of Tiny Machine Learning Models On Arduino 33 BLE For Gesture And Speech Recognition

by   Viswanatha V, et al.

In this article gesture recognition and speech recognition applications are implemented on embedded systems with Tiny Machine Learning (TinyML). It features 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis magnetometer. The gesture recognition,provides an innovative approach nonverbal communication. It has wide applications in human-computer interaction and sign language. Here in the implementation of hand gesture recognition, TinyML model is trained and deployed from EdgeImpulse framework for hand gesture recognition and based on the hand movements, Arduino Nano 33 BLE device having 6-axis IMU can find out the direction of movement of hand. The Speech is a mode of communication. Speech recognition is a way by which the statements or commands of human speech is understood by the computer which reacts accordingly. The main aim of speech recognition is to achieve communication between man and machine. Here in the implementation of speech recognition, TinyML model is trained and deployed from EdgeImpulse framework for speech recognition and based on the keywords pronounced by human, Arduino Nano 33 BLE device having built-in microphone can make an RGB LED glow like red, green or blue based on keyword pronounced. The results of each application are obtained and listed in the results section and given the analysis upon the results.


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