Implementation of Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) and Importance Performance Analysis (IPA) in Testing the Ease and Usability of E-wallet Applications

by   Dedi Saputra, et al.

Digital payment innovation is currently increasingly needed by the community, especially in making non-cash payment transactions. The purpose of this research is to know and measure the ease and usefulness of e-wallet digital wallet services, especially in the GoPay application. The population in this study are users of the Go-Pay service on the GO-JEK platform. The sample of this study consisted of 124 respondents from distributing questionnaires in Depok, West Java using a modified Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) based on existing references. The data processing in this research uses Importance Performance Analysis (IPA) analysis. The results show that based on the gap analysis, it is found that in general Go-Pay users are not satisfied with the current service quality. Based on the IPA analysis, the priority scale of E-Wallet Go-Pay quality improvement can be mapped, where quadrant I is the highest priority scale according to the user's perspective: [1], [4], [5], and [6]. These three items must be upgraded immediately by the manager to meet user expectations. Areas that become the achievements or advantages of the GoPay E-Wallet that must be maintained are in quadrant II, namely: [2] and [3]. From this explanation, it can be concluded that in general the E-Wallet GoPay Service must be improved to improve its service performance.



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