Implementation of password manager with sram-based physical unclonable function

by   Mohammad Mohammadinodoushan, et al.

Hacking password databases is one of the most frequently reported cyber-attacks. Current password management systems are based on known and public algorithms. Also, many studies have shown that users select weak passwords. Thus, with the emergence of new powerful computing devices, the passwords based on known algorithms can be disclosed. Using physical unclonable functions (PUFs) for increasing the security level of password management systems is a quite recent method that is proposed to solve this problem. In this method, Addressable PUF Generator (APG) is added to the conventional password management systems. This report is aimed at implementing the password generation scheme using SRAM-based PUF. The bit error is indeed the main issue with using PUFs is addresses in this paper. To solve this issue, Ternary Addresseble PUF Generator is used.



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