Implementation of High Availability Message ISO 8583 using F5 Active-Passive Failover Method

by   Bahrul Ilham, et al.

In this research, the system was designed to solve problems related to High Availability on FDS (Fraud Detection System) servers that cannot be loaded balanced using the Round Robin method, resulting in changes to ISO 8583 messages. As a result, a method that can be used as High availability to maintain the Availability of the FDS Server without changing the message received is required. High availability will be achieved through the Active Passive Failover method, which will transfer data flows in the event of an operational failure on the FDS server. The transfer is based on CPU Load parameters and ISO 8583 messages, which are checked at each stage. The waterfall method was used in this research. The waterfall is a straightforward classic model with a linear system flow, with the output of each stage serving as the input for the next. The primary goals of this research are to ensure that data in ISO 8583 format can be streamed without changing messages, to measure the effectiveness of the Active Passive Failover method in performing High availability using ISO 8583 message parameters and CPU Load, and to increase the level of Availability and reliability of the FDS Server. This research's error rate decreased by 0.83 increased from 99.13


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