Implementation of Ethically Aligned Design with Ethical User stories in SMART terminal Digitalization project: Use case Passenger Flow

by   Erika Halme, et al.

Digitalization and Smart systems are part of our everyday lives today. So far the development has been rapid and all the implications that comes after the deployment has not been able to foresee or even assess during the development, especially when ethics or trustworthiness is concerned. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Autonomous Systems (AS) are the direction that software systems are taking today. It is witnessed in banks, stores, internet and it is proceeding to transportation as well as on traveling. Autonomous maritime industry has also taking this direction when taking under development in digitalization on fairway and port terminals. AI ethics has advanced profoundly since the machine learning develop during the last decade and is now being implemented in AI development and workflow of software engineers. It is not an easy task and tools are needed to make the ethical assessment easier. This paper will review a research in an industrial setting, where Ethically Aligned Design practice, Ethical User Stories are used to transfer ethical requirements to ethical user stories to form practical solutions for project use. This project is in the field of maritime industry and concentrates on digitalization of port terminals and this particular paper focuses on the passenger flow. Results are positive towards the practice of Ethical User Stories, drawn from a large empirical data set.



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