Implementation of ASK, FSK and PSK with BER vs. SNR comparison over AWGN channel

02/10/2020 ∙ by Subrato Bharati, et al. ∙ 0

This paper mainly discusses about three basic digital modulation process ASK, FSK, PSK. These modulation schemes can be characterized by their transmitted symbols which consist of a discrete set of values occurring at gradually spaced intervals. The selection of a digital modulation technique for a specific application depend not only the bandwidth efficiency and implementation complexity but also error rate occurred in a bit (BER) and signal to noise ratio. Binary modulation methods use two level symbols and are facile to implement, provide good error substantiation. BER is a key parameter that used for assessing systems that transmit signal data from one location to another. SNR is well known measure of how the signal and noise power compare against each other. It directly affects the probability of error performance of a system. In this paper, we have implemented ASK, FSK and PSK using MATLAB. Cosine signal has been used as a carrier wave. In this paper, a comparative exploration of BER performance of ASK, FSK and PSK for channel utilization is proposed and the investigation are carried out with SNR over AWGN channel as the reference factor.



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