ImplantFormer: Vision Transformer based Implant Position Regression Using Dental CBCT Data

by   Xinquan Yang, et al.

Implant prosthesis is the most optimum treatment of dentition defect or dentition loss, which usually involves a surgical guide design process to decide the position of implant. However, such design heavily relies on the subjective experiences of dentist. To relieve this problem, in this paper, a transformer based Implant Position Regression Network, ImplantFormer, is proposed to automatically predict the implant position based on the oral CBCT data. The 3D CBCT data is firstly transformed into a series of 2D transverse plane slice views. ImplantFormer is then proposed to predict the position of implant based on the 2D slices of crown images. Convolutional stem and decoder are designed to coarsely extract image feature before the operation of patch embedding and integrate multi-levels feature map for robust prediction. The predictions of our network at tooth crown area are finally projected back to the positions at tooth root. As both long-range relationship and local features are involved, our approach can better represent global information and achieves better location performance than the state-of-the-art detectors. Experimental results on a dataset of 128 patients, collected from Shenzhen University General Hospital, show that our ImplantFormer achieves superior performance than benchmarks.


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