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Impact of Customer Reviews on Hotel Rating

by   J. Ahmad, et al.

The ascent of the Internet has caused numerous adjustments in our lives. The Internet has radically changed the manner in which we carry on with our lives, the manner in which we spend our occasions, how we speak with one another day by day, and how we buy items. The development of the Internet among users has created content on the Internet by sources, for example, web-based life, reviews site, online journals, item fan page and some more. This has a lead on to another method for arranging an occasion or searching for a reasonable hotel to remain. Thus, hotel review sites have turned into a famous stage for visitors to share their experiences, reviews, and suggestions on hotels, which they have visited. In Europe, the hotel business has been a standout amongst the most vital monetary developments of the nation. The essential objective of a hotel is to satisfy the customers, to have the capacity to give a high caliber of administration and give them a vital affair while remaining at the hotel. The motivation behind this examination is to comprehend and recognize the scope of elements, which may add as per the general inclination of customers and in addition through their reviews to decide the measures of customers' desires. Information was gathered from online review sites, for example, Text analytics is utilized to analyze the contents gathered.


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