Impact of Culture on the Adoption of Diabetes Self-Management Applications: Cape Flats, South Africa

by   Fazlyn Petersen, et al.

Diabetes is a global health problem with a high mortality rate. The research indicates low levels of technology use amongst diabetic patients in low socioeconomic environments and minority groups. We posit that the culture of patients is a potential reason for the low adoption and use of technology. However, research on the proliferation of culture at an individual level is limited. Therefore, this paper assessed the influence of culture on mobile application adoption and use amongst diabetic patients in the Cape Flats, South Africa. This study used key constructs from the Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB) and Hofstede's cultural dimensions. It was analysed using survey data from 439 respondents using purposive sampling. It was found that the dimensions of Hofstede and the Theory of Planned Behaviour can identify how culture influences mobile application adoption of diabetic patients in the geographical Cape Flats area. However, this research indicates a stronger relationship between culture and diabetes self-management activities than culture and the adoption of mobile applications.



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